Gingerbread Muffins

Before we ring in 2015 I’d like to share one more recipe that I made during Christmas. Healthy Gingerbread Muffins. Immediately I was intrigued, I’d never bake gingerbread muffins before so I was all in. I shared these muffins with my neighbors and received enthusiastic feedback. They were a hit. Well, look at this muffin, how could it not be a hit?


When the muffins were baked and cooling, I took the time to take the pups out of a walk and when we returned home I was greeted by the heavenly scent of gingerbread. The house was warm and the smell of Christmas lingered in the air. Luckily for me the muffins had cooled.


I made a cup of tea and broke into one of those bad boys. Heavenly. Moist. And so delicious.


If you get a craving for anything gingerbread consider whipping up a batch of these muffins. Since the recipe isn’t mine, I found it on Pinch of Yum, you’ll have to visit their blog for the recipe. Trust me, it’s well worth the trip over to their blog.

Happy New Year!

Kitchen Snapshots (christmas baking recap)

For weeks I’ve been making cookie dough and baking cookies and now it’s time to call it a wrap. Christmas cookie baking season has finally ended and this over-sugared baker is looking toward a new year that has no sprinkles, no almond flavored icing or festive cookie cutters. To be honest, I’m all cookie’d out. And I really do not want to see another cookie until, perhaps, Ground Hog’s Day.

As I say goodbye to Christmas cookie baking I’d like to share a few photographs I snapped in my kitchen as I baked my way through December.










All of this baking was done under the careful watch of my little kitchen helpers, Susie & Billy. Apparently all that watching can be exhausting.


Susie’s had a little bed-head action going on. She hears the camera and she pops awake for her close-up. :)


Now with all the baking done and Christmas 2014 over, I’m looking forward to a big pot of soup. Butternut squash to be exact. But I’m also thinking that I’d like to make a pot of chicken soup too. And serve both with salads. I tend to crave salads and fruit after the holidays. I want something light and refreshing and the combo of soup and salad fits that bill for me. But before I whip up some soup, I’m off to my treadmill because I ate many of those cookies…and cakes. I enjoyed every bite. :)

With the holidays behind us and the New Year just days away, what’s your foodie craving?

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a joyous day filled with good cheer, food and love.


Merry Christmas!

Debra, Billy & Susie.

The Cookbook List #1

So many cookbooks, so little time. Isn’t that always the case? I constantly come across cookbooks that I may want to add to my collection. Here are three cookbooks that are on my radar and I thought you might like to consider them also.


At Home In the Whole Food Kitchen is a vegetarian cookbook by chef Amy Chaplin.


Sheet Pan Suppers is a cookbook dedicated the cooking on a sheet pan by Molly Gilbert.


A perennial favorite cookbook author of mine is Ina Garten and her Make It Ahead cookbook.

What cookbook is on your radar? What cookbook are you hoping Santa will bring you this year?

Kitchen Snapshots (moments behind the post)

Busy, busy, busy these past few days. I’ve gotten a new cookbook to cook from and I’ve been doing a little baking in preparation for the holidays. Don’t you just love it when the kitchen is abuzz with good cooking? Measuring spoons jingle, timers ring (always when you’re in the middle of doing something else, how does that happen every time?), and footsteps back and forth to the stove. Lets not forget the heavenly aroma wafting through the house and moment when you finally get to sit down to eat. I love that moment. :)

Here’s what’s been happening.

The start to something delicious on my stovetop. When you saute onions, carrots and celery in olive oil how could it not be the start to something delicious? What is this trinity of goodness for? Sorry, you’ll have to wait a little bit for that answer.

DavidsLasRolls 016

I carved in a little time for some dough making. And I snatched a few tablespoons for a small batch for me and my husband for dessert one evening.

DavidsLasRolls 005

Making cookies is something I absolutely love to do ad when we head in into the Christmas season I’m all about the cookie. Isn’t this gorgeous?

DavidsLasRolls 011

I’m looking forward to sharing the cookbook I’ve been cooking from with you in a few days. If the first recipe I made is any indication, it’s going to be a definite keeper…much to my surprise.

What’s cooking in your kitchen now? Don’t be shy, share. :)