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What is the school house set on a retelling of reading the text? In principle, the task are clear on what the child can retell a work or not, the teacher knows whether he had read the story. Besides excellent retelling of developing the child's speech. While in elementary school, he is trying to tell you is very close to the text almost by heart, then high school student recounts freely in their own words. But it is a school, and there retellings needed. But what do parents have to teach a child to read. They first forced the kid to read the right book at the right time, the parent, and then demand to retell old. Let us open a little secret. So not only do you not plant a love of reading, you are doing everything possible so that the child is not picked up a book on their own never. There are a few simple rules to attract a child to read: - Read for yourself so that the child is seen. - Do not read the most affordable pastime, not forced to read, and allow, at bedtime, for example. - Do not force the book good in your opinion. Provide choice, let the kid will decide what he read. - Do not make retell themselves better read the same book and discuss it with your child.

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